Thanks to everyone who showed up last weekend to help out. It was a great productive day. We managed to split and stack enough firewood at the trail head cabin to get us through the year (and then some). Rawhide, Jeldness and the terrain park were brushed and multiple truckloads of wood were delivered out to Torresans cabin. It is there and ready to be split and stacked this weekend. 

If you guys can make it, we will meet at the grooming garage at 10am and will convoy out to the cabin. Please be aware that the recent logging activities coupled with the rain has turned Gibbards into an all out off roading adventure. If you plan on coming out to Torresans on your own, please take the Jeldness trail. If we have some extra hands we will look at brushing the race loop trail to prepare for this year's NORAM.

A few things to bring:

  • Lunch
  • Water
  • Work gloves
  • Splitting maul (if you have one)

Let Matt ( know if you can make it. As promised, there will be some food served after the work is finished around 3pm.