The skier development program is one of the key services provided by our club.  In the past 10 years significant changes have occurred in the organization of skier development in Canada and our club has, and is, changing to keep in step with the latest best practices. In the club programs we have four levels or layers of Athlete Development as defined by Cross Country Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

In the future, we will use these levels to describe our club programs rather than the terms currently in use such as Track Attack or Junior Racers. This renaming of the program is becoming common practice with clubs and programs in BC and the rest of Canada.


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Jack Rabbits Ski Lessons


Bunnies (Active Start) and Jackrabbits (FUNdamentals): A fun cross country ski program for kids ages 3-9

Come and ski with us this winter!  Learning the basics of cross country skiing will open the door to a lifetime of fun and fitness!

Bunnies (3 - 5) ski Sunday afternoons learning key skills in a fun group environment with our wonderful coaches!

Jack Rabbits (6 - 9) sessions run Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Snacks and hot chocolate to warm up in the cabin after skiing on Sundays!


Track Attack (Learn to Train)


The next step after Jackrabbits to continue to develop skills through skiing and games and those interested attend races. For Kids age 10 and up with two streams - Track Attack Race and Track Attack Adventurer.

Track Attack Race is offered year-round and trains 3x per week. 3-6 races are attended per year with emphasis on fun and personal goals. Track Attack Adventurer is 2x week in the winter with the emphasis on enjoying time on skis with friends in various settings.


Junior Racers (Train to Train) 


For skiers aged 13-18 interested in cross-country ski racing. The focus is still on education and technical development.

This program has 4 to 6 sessions per week when at home and has training camp opportunities as well. Typically this program will have summer and early fall on-snow training.


Senior Racing Team (Train to Compete) 


This is the stage of development where athletes are specialized and focused on skiing as their sport.

The preparation focus for this level is refining skills, training knowledge and competition readiness. This level of programming is the most intensive. The athletes are training 6 days per week, and often 2 sessions per day.