Skier Programs

Overview: A look at the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, by Head Coach Dave Wood.

Jack Rabbits Ski Lessons - Bunnies (Active Start) and Jackrabbits (FUNdamentals)A fun cross country ski program for kids ages 3-12

Track Attack (Learn to Train) the next step in skier progression after Jackrabbits.  Aged 10 and up.  Kids continue to develop skills through skiing and games.  And those interested attend races.

Racing Teams (Train to Train / Train to Compete)For skiers aged 13-18 interested in cross-country ski racing.  Follow us on our blog!

Black Jack Nordic Academy & Red Ski Academy: For athletes aged 13-18 years who want state-of-the-art coaching and innovative educational options to meet their unique training and competitive needs

Biathlon: For skiers aged 8 years and up who are interested in the exciting sport of Biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and target shooting.

Adult InstructionAdult ski lessons and coaching 

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